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The Hanging Tree - The Hunger Games

(fan arrangment by adrisaurus)

(cover art by ~La-Chapeliere-Folle)


i’ve got the fucking chills man

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the mccall pack. 
season four.

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I believe you all know that our pupils grows in a dark ambient and contracts in a light ambient, butanother fact that influences its size is if we’re looking at something/someone we’re interested or like. All these Red Beauty scenes they were at a light ambient but their pupils are still big because thEY’RE LOOKING AT EACH OTHER!!!!!1!!11!!!

If you take a look in the last too pictures, Belle pupils are bigger than ever because that’s the part where she believes Ruby’s her friend and expects to be told the truth. Also, if you’re in pain, your pupil gets bigger too and that’s Ruby’s situation when she realizes she’ll have to lie to her lover friend.

(I didn’t edit these images in any way)

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Young The Giant - Cough Syrup [unplugged]

Goddamn it this is amazing

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Endless List of Favourite Characters (TV Series Edition):

  • Melanie Segal (Bunheads)

I just saw red. Then he was on the floor. I’m the Hulk.

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l y d i a . l o o k   a t   m e .  d o n ’ t   l i s t e n . 

                    j u s t   f  o c u s  o n   m y  v o i c e,  a l l   r i g h t ? 

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